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Community Focused
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Providing cost-effective, efficient and customized services for our clients.

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Committed to high quality

EVB Engineering is a team of skilled professionals dedicated to the successful completion of their clients’ undertakings. Our priority is to continue to provide the highest level of engineering services to our clients, with a special focus on supporting activities that contribute to our local and provincial economy.

Based in Eastern Ontario

The founders of EVB Engineering made a conscious decision to establish their firm in Eastern Ontario, and more specifically in Cornwall. Though their past experience in larger corporations was valuable, they joined forces and chose to support the growth and improvement of Cornwall and its surrounding communities. In the coming years, they hope to hire young professionals looking to call this area their home and to help them build a great future for all citizens in the area.

800 2nd Street West Cornwall, ON,  K6J 1H6
Monday to Thursday : 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM to noon
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A dedicated team of talented professionals

EVB Engineering is comprised of a team of skilled professionals dedicated to the successful completion of your project. Whether for your home, your business or your community, we can help you successfully tackle any challenge. Our knowledgeable staff is here to discuss, assess, plan and implement your vision.

Our Leadership

Photo of Josh Eamon
Josh Eamon, P.Eng.
Photo of Marco Vincelli
Marco Vincelli, P.Eng.
Photo of Jamie Baker
Jamie Baker, P.Eng.


Ian McLeod, P.Eng.
Sr. Municipal Engineer
Ken White
Sr. CAD Designer
Josh Gowsell, CET
Municipal Technician
Francois Lafleur, P.Eng.
Municipal Engineer
Kevin MacCulloch, P.Eng.
Municipal Engineer
Rebecca Luck, P.Eng.
Municipal Engineer
Robyn Gandia, EIT
Civil Engineering Intern
Adam Poapst, P. Eng.
Environmental Engineer
Nick Baker
Construction Inspector
Maxime Kuate
Auto CAD Technician
Anthony Vincelli, EIT
Civil Engineering Intern


Greg Esdale, P.Eng.
Sr. Structural Engineer
Eric Ming, P. Eng.
Structural Engineer
Dr. Waseem Abdelazim, EIT
Structural Engineering Intern
Joseph Gellately
CAD Designer


Tyler Siegrist, P.Eng.
Electrical Engineer
Joe Smelko, P.Eng.
Sr. Electrical Engineer
Brad MacCulloch, P.Eng.
Electrical Engineer

Administrative & Financial

Laurie Villeneuve
Office Administrator