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EVB Engineering provides design and construction administration services for the construction of new and expanding water and wastewater pumping stations, booster stations, water storage facilities, and treatment projects. EVB provides long-term solutions geared to help our clients meet the current and future regulations and to help ensure the sustainability of their infrastructure.

EVB provides assistance to our clients for compliance with O.Reg. 170/03 (Drinking Water Systems) and O.Reg. 319/08 (Small Drinking Water Systems).

EVB can also assist in the determination of the uncommitted reserve capacity of your infrastructure and evaluate optimization efforts to improve treatment or increase capacity in your existing infrastructure.

The climate is changing, and Ontario is seeing more frequent peak rain fall events than ever before. EVB utilizes dynamic computer modeling, three-dimensional design tools, and all of the most current technologies to design sustainable conveyance systems.  

EVB Engineering has extensive experience in rural and urban road design for both reconstruction and new projects.  EVB has experience incorporating traffic calming features, bicycle lanes, pedestrian crossings, new curbs and sidewalks, traffic lights, and underground infrastructure in their road design assignments.

Infrastructure planning activities are subject to the provisions of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) process. Regardless of the EA Schedule (A, A+, B, and C) our experts take care of the entire process, including all necessary documentation as well as consultation with the general public, governmental agencies, first nation groups and other stakeholders.

The Ontario government has introduced Asset Management Plan Regulations (O.Reg. 588/17) with multi-year deadlines for municipalities.  EVB is helping many of our clients develop their asset inventory, condition assessment of their assets, valuation and estimation of remaining useful life which are critical elements of the asset management plan.  We are also assisting our clients in determining their current and desired level of service for their core infrastructure assets.

EVB helps our clients manage risks and plan future capital expenditures by conducting infrastructure condition assessments.  Condition Assessments can effectively support the activities of the municipal’s Asset Management Plan. Understanding current condition and remaining service life is of paramount importance.


Groundwater and surface water monitoring and reporting are typical requirements for owners of waste disposal sites.  EVB provides monitoring, data analysis, contaminant transport analysis and reporting to interpret the impacts of active and closed landfills on the natural environment.  This includes regulatory compliance monitoring, MECP reporting and consultation, groundwater rights and Contaminant Attenuation Zone impact delineation.

Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA) are required for all Sectors for their emissions and discharges to air, noise, waste and sewage. In some situations, ECAs can be avoided through the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR). Our experts can help obtain the required approvals for new works or amend existing ECA for changes in equipment or operating conditions.

EVB provides Septic System design services for residential, institutional, commercial and industrial sectors to meet Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code and Section 53 of the Ontario Water Resources Act.

Our qualified professionals prepare Terrain Evaluation and Hydrogeological Study to support land development, contaminant impact assessments, sewage and water works impacts including groundwater under the impact of surface water assessments, groundwater taking evaluations, drinking water quality and small water works reviews.  EVB professionals have extensive experience working with the MECP Guideline D-5 in Planning for Sewage and Water Services.


EVB provides complete structural engineering services for your commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential building projects for new facilities, additions, retrofits, and evaluations.  Areas of expertise include steel, concrete, masonry, and wood framed construction.

EVB works closely with property owners, architects, contractors, and the entire design team to coordinate and optimize the design process to deliver projects on schedule and budget.  Drafting services are provided using Revit BIM software or AutoCAD.  Optional rendering services can also be provided.

With the ever-aging infrastructure of owners both private and public, EVB is aware of the need to upgrade, protect and prolong the service life and heritage value of these structures.  EVB has extensive experience with building and other structure rehabilitation, upgrades, and restoration.  EVB can assess your building and present recommended repairs and upgrades to prolong the service life of the structure.

EVB provides detailed condition assessments and capital planning reporting for both the public and private sectors.  Assessment of building foundations and framing, bridges, retaining walls and other structures can be completed.

EVB staff are qualified and experienced with construction administration and project management services. EVB will manage and oversee the construction project from client liaison, coordination of the project design team, tendering services, construction administration, site inspection through to project commissioning and close-out.

EVB can provide high level and detailed construction cost estimating at various stages of the design process.

EVB provides both residential and farm building design services and evaluations from small scale projects such as bearing wall reviews to additions and new builds for residential and farm use buildings.

Land Development

EVB has extensive experience designing site plans for all sizes of developments, from small residential single lot developments, to multi-million dollar building developments.   We are familiar with the site plan control requirements of all the local municipalities, having written the Subdivision and Site Plan Control guidelines for several local municipalities.  We share a strong working relationship with the local review agencies and employ a collaborative approach to the Site Plan Control process to ensure an efficient approval process with minimal delays.  Additionally, our group of experts have been retained by municipalities to undertake peer reviews of site plan submissions, prepared by others, on behalf of the municipality.

We have experience working with all types of land developer clients, from the first-time clients working on a small 5 lot subdivision, to working with seasoned developers and home builder on a multi-phase 250 lot development.  EVB leverages our strong working relationship with the local municipalities and review agencies to support our clients through the Plan of Subdivision process.  We manage the project from the start of the process, at the concept plan development stage, through the draft plan approval process, detailed design, and construction administration services.

Additionally, our group of experts have been retained by municipalities to undertake peer reviews of plans of subdivision submissions prepared by others on behalf of the municipality to ensure compliance with their standards.

Stormwater Management has become a critical component of new developments.  With the changing climate and more frequent design storm events, both quantity and quality control of stormwater has never been more critical and is a requirement of all new land development and site plan projects.  We are constantly evolving our SWM designs to stay up to date with the ever-evolving treatment technologies on the market today to ensure that the SWM aspects of the design are as efficient as possible while also ensuring that the stringent quantity and quality control requirements are met. 

Electrical & Controls

Automated systems can control and monitor nearly any process, freeing up staff to focus on higher-value tasks, alerting staff to critical situations, and notifying the proper authorities that assistance is required. These automated systems could be as simple as temperature and lighting controls within a building, to monitoring unmanned buildings and equipment in remote locations, to advanced systems controlling multi-process industrial plants. From the instruments that measure the process variables, to the logic devices that control the process, to the operator interfaces that can display real-time and historical process information, and all the interconnections in between, EVB has the knowledge and experience to design any control system you need, whether you’re looking to leverage technology to modernize a legacy system or get the most out of a new installation.

- High and Low Voltage Power supply design
- Power distribution systems and analysis
- Coordination and Arc Flash studies
- Design of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s), instrumentation and control loops
- Process and Instrumentation Diagrams
- Compliance with Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC) and Ontario Building Code requirements

When dealing with power blackouts, fire and power systems failure, automatic transfer switches and emergency generators provided seamless uninterrupted power for essential equipment, lighting and fire alarm systems.  The EVB team can help ensure compliance with CSA C282 Emergency Electrical Power Systems and CSA Z32 Essential Electrical Systems in Health Care Facilities in planning for fail-proof power systems.

Effective street lighting is key to safe roadways, especially when working to support the residential, industrial, commercial and institutional growth of a community. According to the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC), “roadway lighting, if properly designed, installed and maintained, should reduce vehicle collisions, improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians, and enhance personal security.” Our experts can help you plan functional and aesthetically pleasing street lighting that meets TAC lighting guidelines, analyze existing installations for compliance, and choose the right cost-effective equipment.

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