Brookdale North Sanitary Servicing

City of Cornwall
Cornwall, ON
2019 - 2021
Brookdale North Sewer extension facility

EVB Engineering was retained by the City of Cornwall to complete the Schedule “B” Environmental Assessment (EA), preliminary design and detailed design for the servicing of Brookdale Avenue from Tollgate Road to Cornwall Centre Road with sanitary sewers, including provi-sions for future servicing areas.

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Cornwall, ON
Construction Value

Design 2019-2020

Construction 2020-2021

Project Tasks

Schedule "B" EA

Detailed Design

Tendering Assistance

Construction Administration

The project also included the detailed design of a sanitary forcemain (2,500m) and gravity sanitary sewers (2,000m) along Brookdale Avenue from 9th Street West to 14th Street West and various reinstatement of driveways and roadways, as well as the detailed design of a sanitary pumping station involving multiple disciplines, for which EVB complet-ed the civil, architectural, structural, process and electrical compo-nents.

The design utilized trenchless technologies in a number of locations: Highway 401, CN rail tracks, and south branch of the Raisin River.

EVB Engineering assisted the City in the tendering of the project in No-vember 2019. The low bid amount was $9.8M compared the EVB’s Class A pre-tender estimate of $9.9M.

Construction was initiated in April 2020 and is scheduled to be com-pleted by March 2021. EVB Engineering is providing contract admin-istration assistance and inspection during the construction phase of the project.

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