Chase Meadows

Newell & Grant Brown Ltd.
Long Sault, ON
2019 - 2022
Chase Meadows Subdivision

The Chase Meadows Subdivision is located at the eastern limits of the Village of Long Sault and has become one of the fastest growing subdivisions in the Township. The staff of EVB have been working on the Chase Meadows subdivision from the onset of the development, and Newell and Grant Brown Ltd. retained EVB Engineering to provide draft plan approval, detailed design and construction administration services for Phases 5 & 6 of the development. Phase 5 is currently constructed and almost all of the lots are sold, and construction on Phase 6 is scheduled to start spring of 2022.

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Long Sault, ON
Construction Value

Design: 2019/2021

Construction: 2020/2022

Project Tasks

Design Development

Detailed Design

Approvals and Permitting

Construction Administration Services

Phase 5 consists of 24 single dwelling lots on a 4.01 hectare parcel of land located at the northern limits of the development. Phase 6 will be constructed east of Jim Brownell Blvd. and will consist of 39 lots comprising of a mix of single and semi-detached dwellings. EVB’s services for the project included:

  • Preparation of the concept plans and draft plan drawing;
  • Preparation of the servicing report, draft plan application and supporting studies;
  • Detailed design of the development including watermain and sanitary servicing, lot grading, street lighting and composite utility plans;
  • Coordination of all utility companies, including the crossing of the trans-northern pipeline.
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