Glengarry County Archives

Glengarry County Archives
Alexandria, ON
2019 - 2020
Exterior of the Glengarry County Archives building

EVB was retained to conduct a structural review and design for the retrofit of a building, located at 28 Kenyon Street East (Alexandria, ON), for conversion of the building to be used by the Glengarry County Archives.

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Alexandria, ON
Construction Value

Design  2019

Construction 2019-2020

Project Tasks

Design Development

Detailed Design

Construction Administration Services

Structural review/design and buildings review/design services were required with regards to the building’s current structural adequacy vs. the proposed use in conjunction with an Ontario Building Code review for compliance with fire protection, occupant safety and accessibility.  

The structure is a two-storey structure with an approximate area of 2,600 ft² which consists of two sections that were constructed approximately 140 years apart. The original building was constructed in the 1830s and consists of a two-storey structure with a limestone foundation and exterior walls and a timber frame floor and roof truss system. 

The scope of the structural upgrades included the reinforcing of the floor structure, new fire rated walls around stairs between storeys, new interior doors, and improvements to the emergency lighting within the building.

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