Nissan (Cornwall)

Perras DiStefano Construction Services Inc.
Cornwall, ON
2017 - 2019
Nissan (Cornwall) Dealership

EVB Engineering was retained to complete the structural design for a new 2,800 m² Nissan dealership in Cornwall, Ontario. The building is a two storey structure with a showroom, office space, parts storage, two bay check-in for the service department, 7 service bays, and a car wash. The building construction consisted of steel and concrete.

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Cornwall, ON
Construction Value

Design 2017

Construction 2018-2019

Project Tasks

Design Development

Detailed Design

Construction Administration Services

Our scope included the structural design element including the following services:

Design Development:

  • Design and concept plan development based on the client’s requirements and input

Contract Documents:

  • Preparation of working drawings and specifications submitted at various levels of completion for client review and input
  • Submittal of building permit documents
  • Respond to questions from local building officials
  • Preparation of construction drawings and specifications

Contract Administration and Field Reviews

  • Respond to questions from contractors.  Issue clarifications, site instructions, and change orders
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