North Glengarry Regional Water Supply

Township of North Glengarry
Maxville and Alexandria, ON
2017 - 2020
Maxville Booster Station

EVB Engineering was retained to complete an addendum to a Schedule “C” Environmental Assessment, detailed design, tendering, construction administration and site inspection for the North Glengarry Regional Water Supply Project.

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Maxville and Alexandria, ON
Construction Value

Design  2017-2019

Construction 2017-2020

Project Tasks

Amendment to Schedule “C” EA

Hydraulic Modeling

Approvals and Permitting

Detailed Design

Tendering Assistance

Construction Administration

Resident Inspection Services

The project was completed under five (5) separate contracts:

Contract #1 – Maxville Distribution System

Contract #2 – Maxville Elevated Storage Tower

Contract #3 – Alexandria-Maxville Transmission Main

Contract #4 – Maxville Booster Station

Contract #5 – Alexandria WTP Upgrade

EVB Engineering provided peer review services, tendering, approvals, inspection and Contract Administration for Contract #1, a 10 km watermain project to service the entire village of Maxville, and Contract #2, a 1,500 m³ elevated storage tank as these two contracts were previously designed as part of a different project, prior to EVB being retained to review and modify the preferred solution.

EVB Engineering coordinated the supporting studies (geotechnical and topographic survey), detailed design, tendering, approvals, and contract administration for Contract #3, #4 and #5.

The design of Contract #3 (Transmission Main) and Contract #4 (Booster Station) included the design of a 23 km long, 300 mm diameter transmission main, one booster pumping station, two trenchless railway crossings as well as seven trenchless crossings under existing drains or large diameter cross-culverts. Thorough coordination with utility companies was completed during the design, obtaining permits and approvals in a timely fashion to not delay construction. 

Extensive water modeling was completed to size the proposed transmission main, and a transient analysis was also performed to confirm surge protection requirements.  

EVB’s project team provided construction administration and full-time inspection services during construction, oftentimes for multiple crews working simultaneously on separate sections of transmission main. Our proactive approach and communication with the contractor have allowed us to identify and realize substantial construction cost savings and to minimize extra costs due to unforeseeable site conditions, such as rapidly varying bedrock elevations. 

EVB Engineering acted as the project manager for all phases of the project and assisted the Township to deliver the project on schedule and budget.

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