Ontario St. Reconstruction

Township of South Dundas
Morrisburg, ON
2018 - 2020
Ontario St. birds eye view

EVB Engineering was retained by the Municipality of South Dundas to complete the detailed design, tendering and construction administration for the reconstruction of 550 m of Ontario Street, between Cruickshank Way and 5th Street East.

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Morrisburg, ON
Construction Value

Design 2018-2019

Construction 2020

Project Tasks

Public Consultation

Design Development

Detailed Design

Construction Administration Services

This project consisted of full reconstruction of the existing underground and aboveground infrastructure, namely watermain, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, laterals and services to property line, sidewalks, curbs, granulars and asphalt.

Challenges related to this project included the lack of any “as-built” drawings due to the advanced age of the infrastructure, establishment of new storm outlets within the municipality right of way, development of a preferred cross-section within the narrow right of way of the road, and the substantial elevation differentials across the roadway. 

In addition, EVB Engineering was tasked with developing the tender specifications and design drawings such that the reconstruction can be completed in two phases aligning with the Municipalities budgets and previous construction estimates completed by EVB Engineering staff. 

The project was completed on time and well under budget. More specifically, the project was completed for approximately 95% of the ‘total tendered amount’, and Change Orders represented less than 1% of said amount.

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