EVB Engineering is a municipal and structural engineering consultant company established in February 2017. The three partners in our firm have over 52 years of combined experience providing excellent service to municipal and private clients in Ontario and across the country. 
We established our firm based on providing a high-quality community- based product which meets or exceeds our clients' expectations. We will achieve our goal through providing effective communication and a commitment to deliver our services in a timely and cost-efficient manner.



Josh is the president of EVB engineering and brings over 19 years of municipal engineering experience to the company. Josh specializes in both linear and vertical infrastructure design, evaluation, and construction administration for a wide range of municipal projects including water and wastewater treatment, land development, and road rehabilitation/reconstruction.  His experience in water and wastewater projects ranges from the Class EA process, to the preliminary design, detailed design, contract administration, and commissioning phases for both small and large water and wastewater treatment facilities. Josh also has a vast experience in linear infrastructure and land-development projects including managing, supervising and/or completing Municipal Class EAs, risk management studies, condition assessments, the draft plan and plan of subdivision processes, and design/contract management of municipal linear infrastructure projects. 


Marco is a founding partner of EVB Engineering and has over 20 years of municipal engineering experience on water and wastewater planning projects. He has consistently delivered projects that were well thought through at the planning stage, were executed efficiently and which produced a technically sound solution as a whole, while focusing on serving the best interests of the client.


Jamie is a founding partner of EVB Engineering and has over 12 years of experience in planning, design, construction and evaluations of municipal infrastructure.  He has a detailed understanding of municipal facilities having completed the design and construction of on-site and centralized water/wastewater treatment facilities managing multidisciplinary projects as both the process engineer and contract administrator.  Jamie has extensive experience in wastewater treatment process selection, hydraulic equipment design, process engineering, digestion design including biogas systems for anaerobic digesters, solids management and process control.  Jamie also has considerable experience conducting hydrogeological, terrain evaluations, impact and contaminant transport assessments for landfills and contaminated sites.

Senior Municipal Engineer

Ian McLeod is a Municipal Engineer at EVB Engineering with over 43 years of experience in the municipal engineering industry. Ian specialises in construction administration, and acts as the Design Team Leader and  Contract Administrator on water/wastewater supply and treatment and collection systems, transportation and land development, and  commercial / institutional projects. Ian is also the past chairman of the PEO Eastern Chapter.


In addition, Ian is currently the Mayor of the Township of South Glengarry and Warden of the Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry.

Senior CAD Designer

Ken has over 17 years of experience of computer-aided design and drafting using the latest versions of AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoDesk Revit, and is responsible for EVB's CAD standards. Ken has worked on a wide variety of projects, ranging from water and wastewater treatment plants, to linear infrastructure (roads, watermains, sewers, etc.), vertical infrastructure (water booster stations, sewage pump stations, etc.), and land development (subdivisions and site plans).

Municipal Engineer

François has over 8 years of experience in municipal engineering, and specializes in the design of linear infrastructure (construction of new roads and road reconstruction, watermains and sewers), land development (subdivisions and site plans), stormwater management, grading plans, construction cost estimates and various studies. François has also has experience using hydraulic modeling software such as PCSWMM and WaterCAD, and has successfully managed numerous construction projects, delivering the finished product on time and on budget. Additionally, François is fluently bilingual and is able to deliver a project in Canada's both official languages.

Municipal Project Supervisor

Josh has over 10 years of experience in field inspection and supervision of municipal projects. Josh ensures that construction is done to the highest standards and he has been involved on a multitude of projects, ranging from linear infrastructure (roads, watermains, sewers and forcemains), land development (subdivisions and site plans) and wastewater plants. Josh is in constant communication with the contractor and the design team to ensure a smooth construction process, and to identify and solve any issues that may arise. On reconstruction projects, Josh is also the on-site point of contact, representing the municipality and addressing any concerns affected property owners may have.

Municipal Engineer Intern

Kevin has almost 4 years of experience in municipal engineering. Kevin has worked on a variety of land development projects, specializing in the design of new subdivisions in and around Cornwall, and in the design of site servicing, grading plans and stormwater management for new construction and reconstruction projects in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors. Kevin also has experience in the design of linear infrastructure and in contract administration, field inspection and supervision of municipal projects, ensuring that construction is done to the highest standards.


Senior Structural Engineer

Greg is a Senior Structural Engineer with 19 years of experience in the engineering consulting field.  Greg has significant experience with all aspects of building construction from conceptual design, detailed analysis and design, cost estimations, through to tender and construction administration and project management.  Greg has extensive experience with structure evaluations and condition reporting.  Reports are developed that are clear and concise providing clients with the necessary information to identify remaining useful life, prioritize renovations and upgrades, and guide clients on the best course of action with respect to Capital Management Planning.  Greg also has experience with structural repairs and rehabilitation of existing structures.  Greg takes pride in client communication, recognizing the importance of each project and the need to provide sound, economically viable engineering solutions that meet the expectations of our clients.

CAD Designer

Joseph has 5 years of experience with computer aided design and specializes in the development of structural and architectural drawings and models. Using Revit or AutoCAD design software, Joseph can generate accurate working models in 3D or 2D format.  Joe recognizes the need for detailed project collaboration with architects and other disciplines to ensure design drawings are clear and concise and projects can delivered on time. Joseph also has 4 years of construction experience which helps him identify best practices and design solutions for projects.

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